Water Park Dome Design

In Zacatecas, families enjoy an unusual aviary leading to boating excursions.

Outdoors in Nature

There's nothing quite like a waterpark or theme park for seasonal fun and adventures — especially something designed with geometry in mind! Imagine picnicking, camping, and hiking in and around a beautiful dome aviary that doubles as a water park and boating destination. From family-oriented water parks to Olympic-size natatoriums, Geometrica has designed and installed a host of water-based applications for communities to enjoy.

Water Park Sport Dome Design

Launch your boat at the water's edge or pull into a slip for a leisurely picnic.

In Zacatecas, both bird watching and boating are favorite activities. The possibilities are endless! For instance, Geometrica can design domed destinations that include launch sites for canoeing, kayaking, paddleboating, pontooning and riding Johnboats!

Other applications appeal to those who would rather "walk on water." Some parks offer water-skiing, wakeboarding, slalom kneeboarding and barefoot skiing. Sports fisherman and campers also benefit from multi-purpose nature-friendly domes, aviaries, terrariums, ponds, lakes, preserves and parks. In short, Geometirca domes can make "splashable" activities more enjoyable and keep the entire family entertained.

Water Park Aviary Design

Peaceful rays reflect off the water.

Never Too Old for a Fieldtrip!

Some Geometrica domes enclose vegetation and a host of aquatically-inclined creatures. "Wet" exhibits at zoos, game preserves and even bird rescues and sanctuaries feature Geometrica domes. These exquisite environments enclose spaces without walls, but rather a graceful web of metal.

Outdoor Aviary Design

Everyone loves a trip to a watery exhibit.

As educational opportunities, these spherical habitats bring the outdoors in, and vice versa, for a variety of flora and fauna.


Preschoolers and grownups alike love aquatic adventures in a swimming pool. But imagine what it would feel like to do the backstroke, Dolphin kick and surface dives under a stunning architectural span of metal! With natural lighting shining down from above, the water is beautifully illuminated for swim lessons and water sports.

Swimming Pool Dome Design

College students and the community love the ITESM swimming pool.