For maximized Interior movement, choose Geometrica domes and long span vaults. The space attributes of our Freedome® technology accommodates any scope and scale of warehouse activities. Assembly of self-supporting domes frees the space under the dome for warehouse inventory storage, sorting and retrieval — without barriers or interruptions to work flow. This achieves an ideal work environment and improves operational efficiencies.

Industrial Warehouse Dome Structure

Industrial warehouses leave wide open spaces for inventories, personnel and machinery.

Hidden Warehouse Space... Revealed

If any industrial building requires free interior movement, it’s the modern warehouse. These commercial buildings have any number of storage applications and are used in a variety of manufacturing industries, including importing, exporting and wholesaling. They are also utilized by ground, air and ocean transport businesses.

The common denominator is that warehouse operators want to make the most of available warehouse space while seeking sophisticated design and open, flexible interiors. Geometrica specializes in industrial space applications with revolutionary results — the Freedome®.


Space Frame Structure at Nuevo Laredo

Border Port of Entry, Nuevo Laredo

Column-Free for Maximized Usage

Geometrica's Freedomes have no interior barriers or constraints, and are ideal for the free flow of traffic, machinery and personnel. From handling equipment to inventory sorting to dock loading, the interior circulation is designed to improve navigation while increasing overall health, safety and productivity.

When addressing optimum warehouse usage, Geometrica designs for the utilization of higher bays and vertical storage. This maximizes the available space, as well as accommodates live loads. Options for material handling equipment include dome apex and side penetration openings. Penthouse enclosures may protect top loading conveyors, while flashing protects side penetrations. When necessary, domes can be engineered to partially support the conveyor, or allow independent conveyor movement.

Space Frame Warehouse Design

Without interior columns, warehouse activities run more easily and efficiently.

Budget-Wise Technology

If your new commercial or industrial installation needs to be attractive and not costly, take advantage of Freedome technology. Theses structures are versatile, elegant, and utilize the inherent strength of geometric design. Because these applications are of a lighter weight and prefabricated with high precision, they make the implementation of warehouse structures more efficient than conventional metallic structures, from longitudinal storage to domed storage. Now the interior of your building can be optimized — saving money, time and space. The patented Geometrica structural system consists of galvanized steel tubes joined by an aluminum hub of high resistance. All components are 100% prefabricated and their installation does not require welding, ensuring absolute quality. According to the local conditions, structures can be installed on site, or on the floor and lifted by a crane.


HVAC, electrical and hazardous material considerations are factored into the design. Ventilation for exhaust within storage areas can include detection systems for paint, petroleum, aerosol and other hazardous emissions. Geometrica's metallic warehouses can be built by semiskilled laborers. All components are 100 percent prefabricated with high precision and require no onsite welding. The galvanized steel requires no maintenance or costly finishes and can withstand hazardous environments, wind, weather and corrosive materials.

Industrial Design has Evolved

Whether your warehouse is located on a mountainside, by the sea, or in an urban setting, our custom design will take your warehouse structure to the next level. The Galvek Warehouse (below) is a good example.


Galvanized Steel and Aluminum Domes

Geometrica's patented structural system is made of elegant galvanized steel and aluminum alloys, yielding both strength and infinitely versatile design. Perhaps a long span is needed, or a structure that must cover unusual geographic terrains. Geometrica employs a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, and consultants who strive to meet these design challenges and exceed all known safety requirements.

Geometrica's team of engineering and architectural designers are on the cutting edge of technology, with unlimited options for structural applications in any terrain. Regardless of geographic region, Geometrica's domes and vaults provide solutions for long span cover needs the world over.

Domes and Barrel Vaults