Geometrica provides an effective and efficient cover for crushed mineral stockpiles in mines the world over. Free-form structures and domes can be used to cover large expanses as a storage solution for mine extraction. Maximum capacity is achieved with no wasted space because internal barriers are absent. Intermediate columns are simply not needed, yet the resulting structure is incredibly strong... strong enough for hurricane-force winds and grueling snow loads.

Industrial Feedome Storage Building

Coemin Freedome® covers the whole industrial complex at Copiapó Chile — an excellent example of a free form, irregular plan that allowed production to continue while the mining storage dome was being built.

Freedom of Dimension

Often mining operations are spread over irregularly shaped areas with a loose array of equipment and raw material. Covering stockpiles under these conditions used to be a monumental, if not impossible, challenge. But with Freedome® technology, today's domes can be constructed in a variety of dimensions spanning up to 300m — from irregular to circular, parabolic, elliptical or barrel vault.

In some cases, automated, ring-shaped stockpiles are required. In the case of the copper mine above, existing equipment and building dictated the shape as crusher and sifter equipment had to be enclosed, while a hopper had to remain outside. The supporting structure had to bridge existing buildings.


San Cristibal Mining Storage Dome

San Cristobal dome (Bolivia). 140 m in diameter and 59 m in height anchored by concrete foundation.

Responsive Design

To date, Geometrica structures have changed the landscape in over 35 countries by overcoming the following issues:

  • Location: Mines are usually located far from urban centers, at high altitudes and extreme climate conditions.
  • Design requirements: Terrain is uneven and the pile operation must not stop. 
  • Environment: Operation creates large amounts of dust and/or other pollutants.

Architects and engineers have long dreamed of a structural solution that provides both complete geometric freedom and economic efficiency. Geometrica offers just this system, with value added. The outer structure and inner aesthetic is often so pleasing to the eye that it is considered an architectural marvel.

Structural Coal Storage DomeCoal Storage Dome Solutions

Velardeña Dome (Mexico). 64.3 m in diameter and 31.3 m in height.

Mountainside or quayside, these galavanized steel and aluminum alloy structures can withstand corrosive salt water, typhoon-force winds and heavy snow. They are the ultimate "green" storage solution with barrier-free interiors and natural lighting.


Largest Dome in South America

Caserones Dome, 145m wide x 94m high, 4000m above sea level, in the Chilean Andes -- the largest dome of its kind in South America.

Additional Benefits

Geometrica offers domes that:

  • Are built by local crews without welding requirements or heavy equipment.
  • May be supported on slopes or irregular terrain.
  • Allow the pile to remain in operation during construction (no downtime).
  • May be designed to resist high loads on the apex or encapsulate the discharge point.


Circular Dome for Copper Storage

Sierra Gorda, Chile: Photo shows one of two circular domes storing copper ore and measuring 122m and 62m.

Foundations can accommodate changes in elevation over 140m and can be fitted to the terrain. Domes can be designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 150 kph and an ice load of 110 kg per square meter.

Bolivia Concrete Dome

Aguas Teñidas (Spain). 58.5 m in diameter and 28.9 m in height.

Mining Logitudinal Domes

Longitudinal domes for mining often carry tripper conveyors.

You may also find it it interesting to read more about the largest bulk storage dome in South America. Geometrica designed and constructed the cover for the Zaldivar Mine in Chile, the details of which are in this article.

Copper Ore Storage Dome

Copper ore storage dome in Mauritania.

The following pictures show piles before and after they are covered by Geometrica domes. Hazardous or combustible conditions caused by coal storage are addressed with cladding and accessory options. Geometrica offers solutions to these special storage challenges by working with mining companies to help control and minimize the risk of explosion. The effectiveness of tubular structural members and the possibility of placing the dome's cladding internal to the structure are benefits inherent in the Freedome system.

Copper Zaldivar Dome Start Copper Zaldivar Dome Finished
 Zaldivar. Work starts. Zaldivar. Finished dome.
Mantos Blancos Structures Mantos Blancos Finished Structures
 Mantos Blancos. Dust conditions. Mantos Blancos. Finished structures.
Copper El Tesoro Structure Copper El Tesoro Finished Structure
 El Tesoro (Chile). Simultaneous operation and construction. El Tesoro. Finished structure.