Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities

Geometrica’s building system is ideally suited to manufacturing buildings, which should be expansive and column-free to permit the unimpeded flow of product and equipment. For these industrial applications, traditional post-and-beam systems are restrictive and inefficient. Geometrica's free-style domes — Freedomes® — are an ideal solution.

Dome Home Manufacturers

112m x 112m square-plan auto parts and brake manufacturing dome

Function is Paramount

The in-surface geometry of our domes are fully triangulated in order to develop all the benefits of shell-action. Lamella, Kiewitt, Schwedler, Virendeel and Geometrica's own Lace™ geometry can be incorporated into ribbed, double-layer or single-layer trusses. 

Vaults, arches and longitudinal cylinders (also known as barrel vaults) have spans that begin around 40m and can reach over 300m. Geometrica vaults have been used as sports facilities, transportation terminals, aircraft hangars and for environmental protection.

Barrel Vault Dome Structures

Interior view of manufacturing operations within one of the Nemak Domes in Mexico


Endless Possibilities

Geometrica® technology is hugely versatile and can be utilized with many different forms of cladding, including but not limited to:

  • Profiled Sheet Built up Cladding Systems
  • Secret Fix Cladding Systems (Steel and Aluminum)
  • Standing Seam Cladding Systems (Steel and Aluminum)
  • Glazing
  • ETFE

Modern Dome Buildings

Inside the Planta Automotriz Rassini spanning 112m

Keeping Manufacturing “Green”

Industrial domes solve many environmental challenges, especially within the mining, cement and fertilizer industries. Perhaps dust containment is necessary, or perhaps sensitive vegetation, wildlife habitats and protected land masses must be preserved. Environmental “neighborliness,” is a benefit of free-style domes, which are ideal for any geographic area regardless of span requirements. Thoughtfully designed industrial plants, refineries, and manufacturing buildings can accommodate inhospitable terrains, while the aesthetic beauty also fits harmoniously among urban and suburban settings.

Geometrica always strives to help clients meet and exceed all health, safety and environmental goals while developing projects throughout the world. One prime example is a copper concentrate plant in Chile. The goal was to spare the neighboring grape fields by containing dust. The challenge was to encapsulate a circuit of irregular geography, including manufacturing equipment and conveyor belts that were not initially meant to be covered. Geometrica developed a light, efficient and exotically shaped structure that met the complex requirements of space and costs, while enabling the facility to keep producing while construction was underway.

Dome Storage Building

Our clients often hire semi-skilled workers from local communities to build the structures, which helps boost regional economies. Geometrica's prefabricated and bar coded galvanized steel or aluminum tube systems are designed to spec and connected to patented aluminum hubs. The lightweight components are packaged sequentially in shipping containers and delivered anywhere in the world. This system offers solutions for any manufacturing industry involved in assembly, disassembly, fabricating, finishing or repair work.

All Terrain Freedomes

Flexible design, ease of construction and budget-wise aspects have bolstered the popularity of Freedomes throughout the world. Geometrica was instrumental in designing the Nemak Freedomes of Monterrey, Mexico. These multiple manufacturing structures are excellent examples, each spanning 224m in the major axis. As the longest industrial domes in the world to date, they mark a record-breaking feat in industrial design. Geometrica had zero accidents while building the Nemak structures, and due to the immense scope and scale of the projects, Geometrica was recognized for its commitment to safety and diligence on these work sites. Ing. Armando Enriquez of Nemak, S.A. DE C.V. states, “We recommend Geometrica for all projects requiring long span roof covers.”