Industrial Storage Domes

Industrial storage domes, barrel vaults and space frames are a cost efficient way to address space. As operators of plants, factories and warehouses seek solutions for their storage and operational needs, they turn to Geometrica.

While traditional restrictions of post and beam systems constrict space and efficiencies, Geometrica's industrial storage domes, or Freedomes®,  are an expansive and column free way to permit the free flow of products, equipment, inventory and personnel. No matter where operations are underway, Freedomes® are all-terrain solutions to any geographical challenge, any altitude, and any climate. They are capable of withstanding grueling snow loads, typhoon-force winds, and corrosive salt water.

Industrial Storage Domes

Two 224 x 84m Nemak domes produce high complex aluminum components, such as brakes, for the automotive industry, Mexico

Barrel Vaults and Space Frames

Geometrica specializes in storage solutions across a spectrum of enterprises: manufacturing, warehousing, waste management, power plants and other industrial applications. Freedomes have long span capabilities up to 300m and include barrel vaults in various forms: parabolic, circular, acute, bent and compound curve. For very long spans, the ribs themselves generally have a triangular cross-section, but for very long spans or for large bending moments, the ribs may be of double density relative to the webs of the ribs.

Space Frame Storage Industrial Buildings
Industrial Warehouse

Freedome technology ensures complete space frame design flexibility. Plant layouts are no longer constrained to a grid, and production flow can be easily changed and equipment updated when necessary. The end of a vault may be closed with a vertical wall or a semi-dome.

Arches and flat or sloped space frames are also feasible and provide efficient and elegant structural forms for a wide variety of manufacturing buildings, including:

Long Span Domes

Since the 1950's, leading architects and engineers have pioneered the design and construction of long span roofs. Today, Geometrica's trademark technology gives buildings unprecedented functionality in the new plants. Remarkable spans of achievable up to 300m. In fact, Geometrica has designed and built some of the world's longest span structures in existence.

Long Span Storage Dome
Industrial settings all over the globe include Freedome technology in their building design.

Due to our trademarked design, these custom developed industrial domes are ideal in hot climates. In a high clearance structure, warm air rises and is ventilated out. This results in a more comfortable work area and saves on cooling costs. Also, the air space in the higher parts of the building is an efficient insulator, as in the Rassini plant for automobile break systems (shown above). For more information on domes spanning over 100m, click here.

Modern Storage Building
The Domestic Solid Waste Management Center (Qatar) sits on a concrete perimeter that varies in elevation .