Structural System

Structural System

Architects and engineers have long dreamed of a design solution that provides complete geometric freedom while achieving economic efficiency. Geometrica offers just such a system.

Geometrica's Structural Solutions

Unique Approach

Our space-frames take advantage of 3-dimensional structural behavior. Built of lightweight and strong galvanized steel or aluminum, the tubes are prefabricated in our computer-based manufacturing system and connected on site with patented aluminum hubs.

The connection of tubes and hub is compact, simple and very efficient – no welding required. The hub is an extruded aluminum cylinder with several threaded slots. Each tube is flattened at the ends into a pattern that slides into a hub’s slot. When all tubes for a hub have been assembled, the joint is finished with washers and a single bolt. When completed, Geometrica’s patented hub connection is stronger than the tubes themselves.

Geometrica structures are unique in allowing the transfer of moments across the joint. This means that the deck or cladding can be affixed directly to the space frame members, without secondary structural deck support elements that can be as heavy as the frame itself in other construction methods. Our approach allows designers and engineers to create thin surfaces of double curvature that can span up to 300m (1000 ft).

Outstanding Aesthetics

Viewed up close, a Geometrica structure is clean and elegant – and from a distance, its light and airy quality complements the design geometry of the structure. Geometrica achieves a balance of form and function that is simply not possible with conventional bolted systems. Almost any structural geometry is possible with the Geometrica system, including flat and faceted space frames, singly curved arches and vaults, doubly curved domes and hypars, and arbitrary freestyle shapes.

Bulk Storage Solutions

For bulk storage, Geometrica creates elegant and economical solutions that upgrade the appearance of industrial sites. The many photos throughout our website pages show storage buildings designed for clients in over 35 countries throughout the world.