Longitudinal Domes

Longitudinal Domes

Geometric Design Dome Structures

Perhaps the most common way to store large volume bulk materials is by stacking them in long, prismatic piles. The material is loaded with a side stacker, or with a tripper car from above. Reclaiming is done with a bridge or side scrapper reclaimer or with front end loaders.

Geometrica offers efficient longitudinal structures in cross sections that suit the project's conditions.

Custom Geometric Design

The different Geometrica geometries are shown in the figure on the left. Parabolic or acute geometries are best for large crest loads, such as tripper cars, which these domes can easily support. Circular cross sections are ideal for large wind loading sites. Bents start vertically to minimize the footprint of the building. The ends of any enclosure may be left open, or closed with semi-domes or flat space frame walls.

Geometrica longitudinal structures are particularly suited for highly corrosive environments. The structural tubes may be galvanized steel or aluminum, and either of these materials may be finished with a highly resistant thermoset epoxy or polyester coating. Cladding may be steel, aluminum, fiber-reinforced plastic, polycarbonate, or a combination of these. For aggressive interior environments, FRP cladding may be applied internal to the structure.

As with all Geometrica structures, installation of the dome may be carried out concurrent with that of the material handling equipment, or even after the stockpile is in operation.


Protecting Piles Around the World

Whether rock fill, sand, clay, gravel, bauxite or mineral, Geometrica designs covers that protect longitudinal stockpiles and accommodate operations. We specialize in parabolic, acute, bent and circular structures that maximize storage and minimize hazards to the environment.

Examples include Carthage Cement in Tunisia. Geometrica built three bulk-storage structures for the greenfield plant in Djebel Ressas:

  • 200m Additives longitudinal dome
  • 300m Coal longitudinal dome
  • 90m Limestone circular dome

Longitudinal Storage Dome

Longitudinal Storage Dome Structure

More examples from around the globe and across all industries are shown below.

Barrel Vault Construction Dome Longitudinal Dome Long Span Dome
Longitudinal Dome - Internal View Barrel Vault Dome in Snow Barrel Vault Longitudinal Dome