Construction of a Geometrica dome requires no special tools or equipment. Local labor can be trained quickly for the installation on site. The construction materials are light and easy to handle, and assembly is safe, simple and quick.

Geometrica uses three different assembly methods. The option selected for a project is determined by the specific requirements of the site and application.

Lift in Place

Using this method, sections are assembled at ground level and lifted into place with a standard construction crane. As sections are added, the dome takes shape. Cladding can be installed after the shell is assembled, or on individual sections as they’re put in place. This method works well when the dome is to cover a high structure and for longitudinal structures. Most assembly can be done at ground level, and other subcontractors can work simultaneously inside the dome.

Dome Structure Design


Perimeter Self-Supporting

With this technique, workers assemble a ring at a time, from the perimeter ring beam up. Successive sections are attached until closure at the apex. Self-supporting is an extremely practical assembly method, with no ground level equipment to interfere with plant operations. Structures can be built while the pile is in use, or while adjacent construction is going on, providing great savings in time and cost.


Constructed around a tower, the dome is assembled one ring at a time. As each progressively larger concentric ring is formed, the tower lifts the structure to accommodate its new height. The dome grows outward and upward, gradually forming the shell.