Conical Piles

Conical Piles

Ores of copper, gold and other minerals as well as potash, clinker and grains are stored in conical piles and reclaimed through underground extraction hoppers and tunnel conveyors. Dead loads may be handled with front-end loaders. Because of larger drops when stacking a conical pile as compared with a slewing stacker, conical stockpiles produce blinding amounts of dust when left uncovered.

Custom Design for Any Dimension

For these piles it is possible to use domes with a profile that closely follows the shape of the pile, such as a parabola. This form results in a most economical enclosure. The dome may also be set on a concrete wall, increasing capacity while realizing substantial savings as compared with a concrete dome solution.

If the dome sits on the ground, it is important to consider the effect of accumulating fines around the perimeter, at the base of the pile. The dust is aerated when settling, which gives it a very small angle of repose. Because of this, the pile grows over time. It is advisable to mount the dome on a short (1.5 to 2.5m high) concrete wall, or leave a gap around the pile where a small front-end loader may circulate to remove accumulated dust.

Ideally the reclaim tunnel(s) will extend all the way across the pile area to the opposite side, so that the dead-load fines may also be easily pushed to the reclaim chute and removed from the dome with the use of the front-end loader. Geometrica also offers replaceable breakaway panels that may be installed on the bottom module of the dome to prevent damage in case of accidental lateral overloading.

Conical Clinker Dome Structure

When the feeding conveyor needs to be supported by the dome at the apex, it is desirable to have a flat platform at the top, and a steeper surface slope right outside the area of support in order to resist the load better. Again, a paraboloid of revolution is better than a spherical dome, but even better is an acute toroidal shape, shown below, which resists the apex load most effectively. 


Canonical Dome Design


Maximizing Efficiency, Eliminating Downtime

Geometrica domes are designed to withstand the specified or requested loading for each installation. With Geometrica's unique perimeter-in construction technology, geodesic domes for conical piles may be installed over operating stockpiles minimizing or eliminating downtime.