Safety Accessories

Safety Accessories

In the World of Industrial Design, Safety is Job One

Geometrica's focus on safety affects every client and every project. Each application is designed and engineered to meet or excced health, safety and environmental standards. Structural accessories are available to further ensure the safety of workers, to protect manufacturing sites from typhoon-force winds and brutal snow loads, and to safeguard raw material stockpiles from combustion (among other hazards).

Conveyor Openings

Among Geometrica's options for material equipment are openings at the apex or the side. Penthouse enclosures can be used to protect top loading conveyors, while flashing can be used for side penetrations. When necessary, domes can be engineered to partially support the conveyor, or allow independent conveyor movement.

Conveyor Opening Accessory

Ventilation and Access Openings

Apex and circumferential openings are practical solutions for natural ventilation. Access openings for equipment, vehicles and personnel can be designed in any shape or size. Customized doors, frames, canopies and hatches are available for all openings.

Ventialation Access Dome Structures

Natural Lighting

Translucent panels contribute natural lighting, energy cost savings and additional beauty to our structures. The customized symmetrical patterns we create distinguish our designs. Geometrica's cladding and translucent panels are designed with compatible profiles. No special framing or equipment is necessary. The result is a continuous surface that provides effective sealing and water drainage, and efficient natural light.

Natural Lighting in Domes

Ladders and Walkways

Geometrica galvanized steel ladders are built for safety, using non-slip threads. Our galvanized steel walkways are provided with OSHA-approved guide rails and nonslip grating. Ladders and walkways provide access to electrical and ventilation systems. Mechanical penthouses, conveyors, galleries and safety exits.

Ladders and Walkways in Domes

Anchoring Systems

Several anchoring system options are available, including cast-in-place (first or second pour), welded to embedded plates, and drilled anchors.

Anchoring Structural Solutions

Customized Solutions

Bulk storage structures are customized to suit each project's specific storage requirements, handling equipment, site requirements and design preferences — all with safety in mind. From non-slip surfaces to safety exits, Geometrica's built-in features and accessories ensure the highest levels of safety performance.