Free Form Piles

Free Form Piles

When cover for bulk stock becomes a necessity, Geometrica provides solutions for the most challenging applications. Our technology addresses the environmental factors of runoff, emissions, dust and noise regardless of topography or climate.

When Custom Design is the Only Option

A pile of raw material is usually formed in the proximity of the area where it is needed. These piles are not always conveniently shaped, especially when located on rough slopes close to the quarry. Some are continuously recreated with moveable conveyor or truck drops and reshaped with earthmovers. They may be encroached by equipment and buildings. Many became operational before a cover was ever deemed necessary. 

Freedome Storage Dome

An irregularly shaped design was required for a mining operation near Copiapó in northern Chile, which covered the copper stockpile, equipment and buildings.

Although it can be complicated to develop adequate covers under such circumstances, Geometrica trademarked the Freedome®, a freestyle geodesic dome that can enclose stockpiles on any terrain. The Freedome removes the constraints of traditional domes, and structures can take on creative and effective forms around the most irregular shapes.

Freedomes Defy the Elements

Whether faced with corrosive saltwater, a mountainside, or a desert, these "all-terrain" domes and barrel vaults are lightweight and incredibly strong. They can withstand typhoon-force winds, grueling snow loads, and piles containing hazardous and combustible materials, such as coal or urea.

Cement Free Pile Storage Dome


In fact, Freedomes have been built in over 35 countries and are the ideal solution for the storage of ores such as copper, zinc, and precious metals. They effectively cover free form piles of bauxite, potash, gravel, limestone, clay and more while protecting nearby communities, land masses, vegetation, domestic stock and wildlife.

Applications in over 35 Countries

Freedomes may also be used to enclose open ended storage structures in the most efficient manner, as done at the Escondida, Mantos Blancos, Pucobre, and other mines in Chile. Geometrica has built the longest industrial domes in the world using Freedome technology, capable of spanning a remarkable 300m.