Geometrica goes beyond pure function to give architects new design and planning capabilities. Our dome covers and space frames provide a flexible and economical way to accommodate traffic and transportation challenges.

Freedome® technology allows for the construction of enclosures and covers that improve traffic flow, store equipment, and organize space for travelers. Within urban settings or in more rugged terrain, our building systems provide solutions for the most challenging applications.

On the Go

Complex spaces can be enclosed under a single Freedome, maintaining visual and physical continuity while allowing natural light to enter in a variety of patterns. Barrel vaults and dome covers can span an impressive 300m to accommodate the most robust activity.

Geometrica has built covers and space frames for airports, train and bus terminals, transit stations, parking lots, car dealerships, airplane hangars and border facilities. See our article "On the Go... With Space Frames, Vaults and Domes" to learn more about our efficient applications for transportation.


Sky Harbor Space Frame

175' x 175' Swift Aviation Hangar at Sky Harbor, Phoenix. Design by KG Architects, Phoenix. Photo by Chris Palmer.


Airport Space Frame Design

The Cuernavaca Airport exemplifies spaceframe design that helps airport travelers reach their destinations.


Geometric StructuresSpace Frame Domes

Geometrica structures make your design possible.