Unique Design Possibilities

Unique Designs

Space frame structures and domes can be used in a variety of venues that necessitate large expanses of space. Arenas, atria, museums, houses of worship, and industrial buildings such as factories, plants or bulk storage for cement, as well as the power and mining industries, require large covered areas without intermediate support columns.

Structural Elements

In order to realize these large structures effectively, expert design professionals must shape these buildings to take advantage of form as a structural element. Architects and engineers have long dreamed of a structural solution that provides both complete geometric freedom and economic efficiency. Geometrica offers just this system. 

Church Architectural Design

San Juan Church, Monterrey, Mexico

Geometry, and the building system used to realize it, are clearly interrelated. Unless the right combination of structural system and overall geometry are used, the resulting structures may not be feasible. Solutions with joist, for example, are limited to planar trusses in an array, and work in only one direction. Solutions with machined joints, such as ball-joint systems, must minimize the number of nodes, as these are expensive. Thus, some geometries become impractical even if they could result in material savings.

A Trademarked Building System

Geometrica's building system is versatile. It features an extruded, universal and strong joint, human-scale modules, dense packing volume, and easy installation that requires the use of minimal equipment. These virtues allow for unlimited forms. And the judicious selection of form results in beautiful and efficient long-span structures which are showcased in over 35 countries globally.

Geometrica's structures are built with lightweight and strong galvanized steel or aluminum tubes which are prefabricated in their computer-based manufacturing system and are connected on site via patented aluminum hubs. The connection of tubes and hub is compact, simple and extremely efficient, with little welding required.

The connecting hub is an extruded aluminum cylinder with several threaded slots. Each tube is formed at the ends into a matching linear shape that slides into the hub's slot. When all the tubes in a certain hub have been assembled, the joint is completed with washers and a single bolt.

Dome Structure Building

A mosque in the Maldives

Once complete, the joint is strong, sometimes even more than the joined tubes themselves. Most importantly, the tubes resist bending moments at the joint. This allows for the deck or cladding of the structure to be affixed directly to the space frame members, without secondary structural purlins that can be as heavy as the frame itself in other construction systems. This feature also permits many variations on basic geometries that are simply not possible with conventional bolted or welded connections.

Geometrica structures are unique in allowing the transfer of moments across the joint. This means that the deck or cladding can be affixed directly to the space frame members, without secondary structural deck support elements that, again, can be as heavy as the frame itself in other construction methods. Our approach allows designers and engineers to create thin surfaces of double curvature that can span up to 300m.

Outstanding Aesthetics

Viewed up close, a Geometrica structure is clean and elegant — and from a distance, its light and airy quality complements the design geometry of the structure. Geometrica achieves a balance of form and function that is simply not possible with conventional bolted systems.

Structural Geometric Design

A shiny dome theater offers a novel movie-going experience

Almost any structural geometry is possible with the Geometrica system, including flat and faceted space frames, singly curved arches and vaults, double curved domes and hypars and arbitrary freestyle shapes. For bulk storage, Geometrica merges elegant and economical solutions that upgrade the appearance of industrial sites. The many photos in these pages show storage buildings built for clients throughout the world and demonstrate Geometrica's leadership.