Retail and Office

Retail and Office

Geometrica's light weight space frames and domes allow architects to create unique and delicate geometric patterns. It’s the perfect way to link buildings in an office complex or connect stores within a mall. Signature enclosures not only define space but enhance the guest experience of light, airiness and freedom — not to mention protection from rain, wind and harsh sun.

Atria and Canopies 

Retailers and their customers enjoy the beauty of glass cladding and skylights in common areas, such as food courts and visitor centers. The architectural elements create a sophisticated ambiance while allowing in natural light... or even the stars at night.

The Geometrica system is perfect when adding to or renovating an existing building. Our structures require few, if any, changes to existing supports and foundations. Geometrica’s light weight also sim­plifies the design of retractable roofs.

Our frameworks are built to last: The hubs are aluminum, and tubing members are aluminum or galvanized steel. Aluminum can be anodized for lasting brilliance, and both aluminum and steel can be powder- or wet-coated in all the colors of nature. All in all, they add a beautiful architectural component to a commercial setting.


Grid Dome StructureDome Architectural Structure

Retractable Skylight Atrium

Crosswalks and Covers

Medical centers, college campuses, parking garages, and crossways -- Geometrica designs covers for walking paths, car traffic and pedestrians. We customize each project to achieve specific goals, whether it be for long distances or shorter distances. 

Our crosswalks protect students, shoppers and patients from the weather. No more rain, snow and harsh sun. In fact, our structures are so sturdy that they can withstand immense snow loads and typhoon-force winds.

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