Glass Domes

Glass Domes

Hyatt Cancun Glass Cladding Lamella Dome

Hyatt Cancun's 37m (121') Glass-clad Lamella Dome

Geometrica domes may be clad with safety glass in single or insulated panels. This allows for several options when it comes to appearance. Cladding can be multicolored like the one shown above, or transparent for maximum light.

Cladding System

Geometrica's exclusive GL-48 cladding system allows true free-form structures to be clad with a three-way glass pattern. This comes in handy when the structure to cover does not present a conventional shape, allowing our system to adequate the ceiling to the customer needs with little adjustments.

The picture below shows the GL-48 cladding and how it aligns in order to provide the structural shape to the roof.


Cladding Structural SolutionsGlass Cladding Structural Design













Geometrica's system is designed with a hierarchical gutter arrangement for redundant protection against water leakage.  Structural seals prevent infiltration. Condensate gutters in all the skylight mullions capture moisture and carry it to primary gutters.  And these primary gutters are uninterrupted from the water break to the dome's edge. The figure on the left shows the system during construction.

The structural layout may vary to express the structure. Lamella, projection, geodesic, or daisy patterns are possible. Slender tubular members may be arranged in a single or double layer for the largest possible spans.

The aesthetic options are endless. For other examples of Geometrica designs similar to these, visit architectural structures.