From ducks to endangered bird species, an outdoor aviary draws our feathered friends to a protected, virtually natural habitat. It showcases the birds to the public (an ornithologist's dream) while protecting them from predators. The primary requirement is to enclose a large volume of space without blocking out natural elements such as sunlight, wind or rainfall. The structure must withstand the weather and be spacious enough to allow free flight and natural bird behavior.

Outdoor Aviary Design

The Zacatecas Aviary provides a fun and natural habitat for humans and birds to enjoy!

Aviaries may be surrounded by concrete, grass or water — and in fact are ideal additions to outdoor waterparks. These structures must be sophisticated enough to complement the environment in which they are placed. Ideally, it should be possible to construct the aviary in whatever shape best fits the location.

Habitat and Beautification

Wildlife and botanical applications welcome a full array of weather elements, which helps the habitat grow and thrive. An aviary or terrarium needs no artificial lighting and filters exposure to sunlight. The need for watering is eliminated.

Geometric Aviary Design

A Geometrica structure can be ideal as an aviary

A Geometrica structure can enclose the habitat of both plants and animals, which allows them to coexist and develop. The structure, itself, can be a thing of beauty. All tubes and hub connectors are manufactured and quality inspected in Geometrica’s ISO-certified facilities. This ensures a long, trouble-free lifetime for humans and their feathered (and furry) friends. It is also important to mention fabric as covering, and not only metallic netting.

Aviaries in Communities

Because Geometrica structures are computer-designed to meet the shape and size requirements of the application, it is easy to customize an aviary, terrarium or other habitat to the space available. Public parks, visitor centers, zoos, botanical gardens, bird sanctuaries and even private estates are often beautified with Mother Nature as an inspiration for space and span. Wherever feathered residents gather, bird watchers and ornithologists are sure to enjoy a glimpse into their world.

A perfect example of the latest application of Geometrica's expertise is the Zacatecas aviary. The structure is shaped like a peanut, with an entrance that allows one person at a time to walk in. Its measures 42 meters by 25 meters, with a height of almost 13 meters. Both hubs and tubes are aluminum, and the peanut covers a total area 818 square meters. More than 2200 tubes totaling 4.8 tons were used to construct the shape, as well as close to 680 hubs. The result is a distinctive highlight of this public park.

Aviary Structure Design

Geometrica makes building an aviary simple, fast and economical. Clean, aesthetic and practical, it’s no wonder that Geometrica applications provide unique homes amongst our feathered friends.